Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Errands is just another word for work. Except this work is done, primarily, in the car. And out of the car. And back in the car, out of the car, in the car... you get the picture. Today's errands involve taking Emily to Occupational therapy, speech (thankfully, in the same office), lunch, bowling, and then a trip all the way across town to take back a library book someone borrowed for me. Home through evening traffic and then done for the night. At least the errands today don't involve buying anything that will have to be hauled into the house and put away.

I try to plan all my errands for a day or two out of each week so that I can stay home the rest of the time. If all goes as planned today I won't have to move the car until I leave for church tomorrow evening. And Friday will be a day at home all day and all night! We're having friends over for dinner on Saturday so I may be required to go to the store for provisions but I can put that off until the day of.

My husband, the Hero, is the one who brings in the paycheck. I am the one that manages it and spends it for the necessities of living in this world. I don't wish to have a fulltime job but it would be nice, from time to time, if someone else would do all these errands. The Hero has never done errands. He just gives me his list on his way out the door to go to work. This is work, too. Maybe more work than the one he does.

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