Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writing again

Okay, I lie. I'm not "actually" writing again. I'm not even emailing friends anything of worth. I'm not even emailing friends anything. I only have email so I can get stuff to delete without opening.

Things are things around here. Life has been a bit difficult but not overwhelming. I really really want a horse of my own who can listen to me whine and give me a little whinny now and then. And not step on my foot. I could have the horse but I want it within easy driving distance so I'm still waiting.

We're about to complicate our life with necessary meetings and obscene amounts of applications and paperwork but it's all good. We're also getting a business off the ground with the expectation that we can live off the profits within a year. And we're still schooling the kids.

Life is good. And I'm writing again even if it's just a sentence here and there. I have several books in me and they're beginning to put themselves on paper.


  1. Why didn't I realize you're such a great writer? I guess I'm paying attention better now that I'm on meds. ;) Please keep writing!

    I linked you to my other blog because I think it's SLIGHTLY less nutty, anyway. :) http://thirdfloorwithwaterview.blogspot.com

  2. Of course you're a great writer. Look who your Editor in chief is!

    Good luck with the meetings. I've lit the candles and flung the prayers out there into the ethos of heaven.

    Love ya lots
    da bunny