Monday, January 11, 2010

Cleaning, teaching, planning dinner

Christmas is almost taken down around here. It's almost put in all the right containers and some of it is even already in the garage waiting for the new shelves it will be stored on.

And while that was being done, much junk was being sorted through and put in either the garbage or the giveaway box. The trash people are going to hate us and the Salvation Army will be glad to see us. And my car might even fit in the garage!

The kids are officially part time Virtual Academy students. It won't affect them or their lessons but it sure does take the pressure off of me to have them ready for those statewide standardized tests that I have such a problem with. They don't have to test. Which is perfect since they have trouble with reading (they're almost to grade level) and handwriting (not nearly as close). I kept the language arts and math portions of the curriculum. I want to focus on the basics for awhile and get them both up to speed. I'll be buying a membership to the Science and Nature Museum and we'll add fun activities like letterboxing and geocaching AFTER they do their daily reading lessons.

The freezers are half full of I-don't-know-what. So at lunchtime I took a look through the house freezer and decided to cook those chicken tenders for dinner tonight. Nothing quite like finishing the bags of this and that so I can refill and restock with neatly packaged food I can spot at a glance. I might make it out to the garage and look through the chest freezer and make some menues from what's inside. I know there's a rack of ribs out there. And probably some bratwurst. Maybe some ground beef. I hesitate to get too knowledgeable because it might mean I'll have to do a major grocery shop.

Someday I want a chef and a kitchen staff.

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