Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snow Days

I took the kids sledding on Sunday. We drove around this part of town looking for a decent hill that didn't end with a lake at the bottom. Couldn't find one. Of course, we live in the grasslands so it shouldn't have come as a surprise.

I knew there was a park across town with supposedly great sledding hills. We went there and it was exactly as advertised. Everyone who lived over on the west side knows about this park, evidently, since it was crowded.

We weren't there 10 minutes when a firetruck, followed by an ambulance, arrived to take away one of the casualties. The trouble with really good sledding hills is that they frequently have trees growing near the base. Or, in this case, cars parked in such a way that unsuspecting or inexperienced persons on fast-moving sleds can accidently slam into. I have no idea what the injury was but it was enough to warn my children to NOT slide down the hill towards the trees but to choose a route a little more west of that. The two E's had no significant bumps and came home really tired (a bonus in my book).

We went back this afternoon to take advantage of the new three inches of fresh powder. And we went while the school kids were still in school (this is an advantage of home schooling) and the snow hills were relatively un-used. Some friends of ours came along so the kids could play together. Being the responsible adult that I am, their mom and I sat in the car and watched from the cparking lot. A perfect day in my book.

We went back today

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