Saturday, January 21, 2012

My "to do" list

First of all, you should know that making lists of any kind is not who I am or what I do. But, after being married to a list-maker for 37+ years, some listmaking may have rubbed off on me. And don't tell but I like the marking stuff off part of listmaking...

So, on the current list I sort of have going is:

1. find a suitable house to rent

2. pack in an organized manner

3. throw/give more away than keep

4. keep up with the laundry and dishes

5. cook dinner for the kids once in awhile

6. take regular breaks so as to maintain sanity

7. don't get angry with the husband because he skated out on yet another move by claiming to be working in Antarctica. Yes, it's true he's working in Antarctica but how convenient that he hasn't been home in the last 4 moves to pack anything. I may be just a tad resentful.

How sad that I'm not making any progress with this list. I've got a dozen boxes packed and I have a small box and two large bags ready to take to the donation center but there's still so much to get done. I don't think I can mark anything off untilo the task is completed.

I think I'll continue to work on #6. That's the easiest one so far anyway.

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  1. I hope we don't have to move for a while. We filled a large trash bin to the brim when we cleaned the garage and now there are still bins but we've got them labeled. That bin was the best $135 I ever spent on trash. (Now if we could only convince our landlord to clean up the side yard and the double garage like they promised....hmph)