Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm writing a book.

For real. A book. I evidently have something of importance to toss out into the world because there are actual people who are telling me I ought to write a book. So I am.

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time working on an outline. A guideline of what I'd like to tell people. So far, nothing has stuck. Oh, I have an idea for several chapters. I even have a Word doc started called "book". But when I get right down to it I can't make the words get onto the paper.

For instance, I want to write about all the things I want to say to people but can't. And the reason I can't is because it wouldn't be kind and I've been mandated - by the LORD - to love people. All people, even the most unloveable. So there goes an incredibly funny chapter. I can guarantee it would make every one of you laugh out loud. Maybe even snort your tea. But you'll never get to read it because I can't write it because it wouldn't be kind.

So back to the drawing board so to speak.

Maybe I could write about being married forever to a man I don't currently live with. Now THAT could be interesting except that he's working out of the country because he loves us and is doing what he has to do. So there's really not much to say about that.

Two chapters you won't see from this author.

So tell me, do any of you want to hear how I'm like my father according to my mother? No?

I'm still going to write that book because I refuse to let a prophecy pass me by. And besides, included in that prophecy was the mention of wealth. I can definitely use the wealth.


  1. Couldn't you title the chapter "Things I'd say if I wasn't a Christian woman"?