Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday - a day of new beginnings

I took several days off from writing and most everything else I could/should have been doing. About the only thing that was accomplished this holiday weekend was washing dishes. And only because I don't buy disposable dishware (including paper plates). We had to have something to put the microwave food on.

I think I might take today off, too. The only think I can think of to write is the mundane stuff my days are usually made of. I can't make them funny so that's it.

I might be back today. Or not. When I find something to say.

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  1. Just back from ICU seeing Paul.
    Hi-tech all over. He's doped up so he's not in pain. Can't find source as of yet, ct with contrast, perhaps gall bladder. Pulse ox 80-82, pulse strong at 80, BP 170/100 and sugar 200, resps 34 with a 99.8 temp. Mom stays with him because if she's not there he gets too agitated. When we left (still have to gown and glove) he was asleep from the morphine. I am giving it to God, I can't carry this myself.