Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day Three and the writing is, um, well....

I'm going to take off the disguise of a responsible adult. Or I was before I cleaned the diningroom and livingroom and did the dishes and cooked dinner for the children. It seems a little late today to NOT be a responsible adult since I've done all the things necessary to keep up the charade.

Only three days of actually writing and cleaning and not spending money and it's not near as satisfying as I had hoped it to be. Of course, it takes quite a few more days before a good habit can be established. And I think I'm adding something, not exchanging one bad habit for a good one.

I don't know. It feels good to have a couple of clean rooms on the same floor. It also feels good to go to a movie and out to dinner and get home late so I don't have to do any chores. Tomorrow is a scheduled goof-off day. I'll do a comparison tomorrow evening while the children, their friends and a couple of cousins are eating me out of house and home.

Oh, shoot. I've already planned yet another day of wearing the disguise.

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