Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end of a decade

It's easy to wax nostalgic on any New Year's Eve but maybe even more so in a year ending in 9. For many of my friends and family 2009 was a Very Bad Year. It brought job loss and serious illness and financial woes.

It also brought new babies, new beginnings, and new opportunities.

In my own family it meant my husband, the Hero, was away from us all but 8 weeks of last year. He's been working in Antarctica doing a job he loves albeit in an environment he doesn't like so much. We've missed him and he's missed us but we've survived the separation. He's called me on a regular basis (mostly to ask for help spelling a word or rewriting a couple of sentences) and I've kept up a steady stream of email (although it never got me any help with the yardwork or the snow shoveling).

For being a Very Bad Year we've been very blessed overall.

I look forward to a much more normal life in the coming year. My hero will be home sometime in February and will stay here for at least 8 months. We'll make up for time lost and spend what time we have together in a deeper appreciation for one another. And I'll probably be ready for a short break about the time he's ready to head back out on his great adventure.

I'm looking forward to the coming year. I already know there'll be some challenges to contend with. I'll overcome them all, though, and do it with flying colors. The blessings that will be ours in 2010 will be so much greater than 2009.

Good-bye old year. Welcome to the year coming.