Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Since I'm not making resolutions....

Can I wait until the actual New Year to begin all the things I want to make permanent in my life? And if I wait another 4 days will those good habits - which I don't have just yet - have more validation?

Do I really even want to give up Pepsi?

I cleaned a child's room yesterday. My child's room. I've been avoiding it for at least 6 weeks. It just got progressively worse and worse until the floor was so covered in clothing (clean and not-so-clean) and toys (most of which she didn't play with) that I had to go in there. With trash bags and a laundry basket.

Of course, the laundry basket meant I was going to have to *gasp* run the washer and driver for the afternoon. Which I did. AND, I even folded everything as it came out of the dryer. Don't ask me if everything got put away. As of this writing it's still in individual baskets waiting to go into the rooms of the people who wear it all (or don't).

Today is slated to go into the boy's room. I might need a gas mask.

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  1. You can open the windows and air it our while you are cleaning his room. Boychild actually cleaned his own room last night. Good thing too.