Thursday, June 3, 2010


I expect the people who are supposed to be good to be good. This would include police officers, judges, friends, church leadership.

I've never been part of a church going through a split. I've never seen the ugliness that ensues when jealousy and lies enter into the lives of the very ones who shouldn't allow it. That's what's going on now in the church that God led us to more than 2 years ago.

I've been through changes in leadership in the church setting. Even this church went through it a little over a year ago. There have been big changes here and, for the most part, they've been good changes. The hero and I met good friends through this church. I've learned more than I ever thought possible here and my personal spiritual life is at its highest because of teaching I received here.

It's that very teaching that has been used against the church. It's the following that the teacher gained that allowed the spirit of jealousy to enter into the appointed leadership. And, sadly, they refuse to recognize it for what it is which is going to tear the place apart.

I'll be part of the split to come. I'll be following the teachers who are such a threat to the pastors. I'm disappointed in the response to what is such a good thing. I'm sad that the couple who offered their time and abilities at no cost are being treated as troublemakers.

I thought this body wanted warriors who could do war in the heavenlies. We're the good guys in the white hats. So who painted them black....

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  1. As with any organization, the problem is the people. Petty jealousy and he he said she said are secondary to the truth in the message they are preaching.