Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday morning and here I am

Got up, watched a little television, tossed a load of whites into the washer, made an eggs and bacon kind of breakfast, watched the rest of Sunday Morning on channel 4 and now I'm here in front of the computer.

Life will go on and it will be a much less stressful kind of life. That's a good thing because I need the time to regroup. I'm going to take the battle to the devil, not wait for that sorry scum to bring it to me.

I got a call last night from some people I completely and totally respect. They confirmed what I already knew to be true concerning yesterdays "discernment" of the letter I emailed Friday night. It was because of that letter that anyone bothered to come up to the local witchhunt.

Well, I can tell you if that was the devil's big guns it was sorely lacking. And I can also say I'm pleased he knows my name! If the devil is aware of who I am then I know I'm on the right path.

It's a good day in the neighborhood. I am going to enjoy this day and every other day.

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