Thursday, October 20, 2011

Forgiveness is a choice

And sometimes it's a hard choice I only make because the Lord told me I had to forgive.

I have friends. A few, but friends none the less. I expect them to treat me as I treat/would treat them. Sometimes they fail miserably at it. Mostly I'm okay with it but when someone doesn't do what they said they'd do because they're more concerned with what someone else thinks about me - the one you're supposed to be friends with - well it's hard for me to think about remaining friends.

That was some kind of long, drawn out, run-on sentence.

The thing is I'm going to forgive this friend for failing so miserably. I've screwed up before (although not in this particular arena of friendship) and with my very best friend who, I might add, remained my best friend until she died (4 months after my screw up). I just don't know how much farther I'm willing to go with this friendship.

Now I have to figure out where the line is between forgiveness and trust. Because it's going to take some time to trust this person's word again.

Sometimes my disguise is not very good. Sometimes I don't want to be an adult. I'd rather stomp and scream and quit this friendship. But I won't.


  1. I'd still stomp and scream. Makes no difference in whether or not you forgive this person (who drives me nuts BTW) but it's good to get the emotions out. SLam a cupboard, do something. Don't let it fester. This isn't the first time she's done this kind of thing and it won't be the last.

    BTW, the one in Michigan, you commented on being s*&t house crazy has defriended me and blocked me.

  2. The one in Michigan wants an iPad for her son. Seems as though someone is letting everyone know. I would think the State could get one if it were so important to his educational development.

    But what do I know. I'm refusing to take phone calls this week until after the Hero is on his way to NZ (I'd take a call from you, however, as long as I was in a place and had the time to chat).

  3. I won't call you till after the 24th. I'm still decompressing from having to do the accident ring around the rosy calls, even though it wasn't my accident. NOthing like having someone scream at you on the phone to do things when it's really not my concern. Get a deposition, take pictures, do this do that. I haven't yet figured out how to tell him I am not paid enough to do this, and he should talk with his son. Not me. I am not the courier of news to either of them.

    Thanks be to God, the other guys insurance is paying for the rental, all the repairs and such. I think when we get it fixed we should take it to Cal Worthington's Ford (the guys been selling cars for over 50 years) and trade it. And get decent insurance that won't break us.

    Would it be selfish if I prayed that his company send him to KY for 2 weeks for classes?