Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Zoo

Well, back to being not so responsible. It's a pleasant change since this is who I usually am...

We hadn't been at the zoo very long when we wandered over near the Malasian Tapirs. They were pretty active, eating their breakfast and walking around their little enclosure. One of them - and I don't have a picture - was investigating the plastic pipes holding the electric wire taught with her nose. She touched one pipe, then another, then *zap*, she got the wire itself. She took off like a shot jumping up and down and screaming tapir screams (I have never heard one make a noise in all my life. Who knew?). She ran the entire circle around her enclosure and then stopped. The 12-15 people present for this show were all laughing (me, too). Her look was quite accusatory which made me laugh all the harder. Grown up I'm not.

We went to the bird house and fed the lorikeets. I love these colorful little birds and would gladly spend most of the day with them.

The kids wanted to see the gorillas and since we were on that side of the zoo... yeah a moment of thinking it through. I'm including the next picture because it's actually a good shot of Em.

And what could, quite possibly, be my favorite photo op - and proof that I'm not responsible at all - is the picture of the dead camels.

Okay, so they aren't actually dead. One even raised its head and looked at us for a moment. It decided life was still too boring to bother.

It was a good day. The hero even agreed to buy snacks for us and the family whho came out with us (7 of them!). It was a great day.

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