Monday, January 2, 2012

I am NOT in 7th grade

But I am excited that I might get to have a sleepover with one of my favorite girlfriends tonight!

I got rid of the huge sectional upstairs. The one big enough for company or for one of the kids who I could force out of their room for a night or two. Nope, no place to sleep a guest.

Except, that since my husband is currently residing 10,000 miles away, I have space in my queen-sized bed. Oooooh, with just enough information leaked to the gossips this could take on an exciting life of its own .

Of course, things could change and she could get an invite to her daughter's house for the next few nights. The thing is, though, the cats are going to sleep in Eli's room just in case. I win no matter what happens.

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