Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, new goals

This is NOT a resolutions post. Nope. Not gonna make any. Not going to admit to needing to lose weight. Not going to start smoking (I have never smoked). Not going to tell you I'll post something worth reading at least once a week. And most definitely not going to resolve to be a better, more responsible human being on this planet.

Of course, I might post some regular drivel about how I have managed, on the rare occasion, to appear responsible. For instance, just today I actually fed the kids something on the way home from church that didn't involve a drive-thru. No, I took them inside the Walmart and let them choose something fried from the deli.

Or I could tell you how good a friend I can be sometimes. Like just this morning when I didn't walk out in the middle of a conversation with one of the men from church when he kept asking me what I thoughtn of the sermon. No, it wasn't the pastor. It was someone who will tell the pastor what I said so I just said it was better than some.

This is a new year and I do have some goals in mind. Things like getting the grandkids' birthday gifts to them before their birthdays or, at least, during their birthday month. So far, so good. One bought, packaged, and with a card ready to mail Tuesday and only nine more to go in the next 11 months.

Or keeping my dog brushed so she doesn't get big wiry mats in her hair that I have to cut out. She hates when I give her a "trim" and she looks ridiculous. I'm probably very blessed because she's never bitten me.

Mostly I just want to lose a few pounds. Okay, I want to lose a whole person. Two or three if I can count the kids. I want to get my house in order without having to toss out everything I own. That's not looking so good. Maybe I can keep the beds and dressers and a couple of chairs and still manage clean. No mail, though, and no books either. That stuff just piles up.

The thing I want the most, though, is for everyone I know to have a happy, healthy, and prosperous year. No dying on my watch. No getting sick or losing your houses or crashing your cars. Just good.

Happy New YEar.

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  1. But but magazines and envelopes take on a life of their own once they come through the door. They have to occupy their own space. It's like occupy wall street, but it's occupy the 1/2 wall by the door.

    Happy New Year.