Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking care of my friends

I made a 440 mile round trip today so I could get my friend's dog. This dog doesn't like many people and, in truth, barely tolerates me. I am, however, familiar to her and unafraid.

My friend had a heart scare last night and *finally* called her doctor when I told her women didn't have the same heart attack symptoms as men. The doc sent her to the ER - a neighbor took her - and after a couple of hours and some extra blood draws decided to helicopter her to Albuquerque to see a cardiologist. Her son told me that she was somewhat traumatized by the helicopter ride but, like I told him, it wasn't Viet Nam era choppers. It's not like she had to ride on the landing gear with a shield over her head. I'm happy to say that visual made him roar with laughter.

There's nothing wrong with her but they didn't tell her that until I was nearly back to Denver with her dog.

I'm a good friend but she's going to have come get the dog herself.


  1. I keep telling you that you are earning all these stars in heaven. When you get there you're going to to glow brighter than the sun.

  2. I'm glad she got checked out anyway. Better safe than sorry... of course, I'm not the one taking care of a misanthropic dog.