Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pumped for information

I'm always surprised when people think I might know something they want to know. I know a lot of things they want to know but I'm pretty close-lipped and don't say much.

This morning someone wanted to know if I was still keeping a friend's dog for her. I looked at him funny and told him I was keeping the dogs of two of my friends. That wasn't what he wanted to know so he asked if I'd seen Ginny while she was home. Of course I saw her - I actually slept with her - we had an old-fashioned sleepover (I didn't tell him that although it would have been lots of fun to see his eyebrows rise to the the top of his head). Then he asked if she was still in town. I wanted to ask him if his wife knew he was asking after other women but I didn't. I just told him she had a new job and wasn't here.

After church I was asked if I were Jewish. What? Why? Because I carry a Jewish Bible? I told that person that I was adopted into the family, that Jesus is Jewish and He is my big brother, so yes, of course I'm Jewish. I might have offended him (not Jesus, Steph).

Other things I know - the best singer in our worship team is not coming back even though everyone thinks she is; my friend is filing the divorce papers tomorrow and her soon-to-be ex will sign willingly; I unfriended the pastor from my facebook account. He might figure that out on his own when he realizes he hasn't seen any gratitudes from me but I seriously don't think he'll ask me about it.

I know it's the grown-up thing to keep other's secrets and confidences but I'll have to admit, it's a lot of fun to know that stuff knowing that other people want to know that stuff, too.

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